Snus Information

Snus is a moist tobacco product that can be used in many places. This tobacco does not require smoking. There is no fire and there is no aroma. This is good for people that do not want to smell like smoke. Snus comes in individual packets so there is no mess to worry about. Snus can be compared to chewing or dipping tobacco only without the mess. There is no need to spit anything out and it is cleaner. Snus has been steam pasteurized so that it will not make a mess.

Snus is one of the most common forms of tobacco in countries such as Norway and Switzerland. Snus does contain nicotine so it should only be used by adults.

Snus is said to be one of the high classes of tobacco products. It is regarded in higher measures because it does not need to be lit and it does not need to sit out. It is just about odorless and a person can use it in many places tobacco is prohibited. No one will know that a person is chewing on a snus package and they will not have to worry about bothering others with the smell of smoke.

Snus is moist tobacco and it is different from the snuff or the dipping tobacco that is used in the United States. Snus is cured and it is often applied to the lower lip. Snus comes in different flavors. Some popular flavors are citrus and others enjoy vanilla or wintergreen which has a minty taste. There are industry standards regarding the quality of the snus. When a person is using this product they want to make sure they are using a product that is higher quality. This will make for a more positive experience and will allow a person to get a real feel for snus.

Think About Snus Instead of Tobacco