Snus: the leading cigarette alternative

Smoke based tobacco products are known for their dangerous effects on health, relating to a variety of life threatening ailments such as various forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. However, as is common knowledge in the Nordic country of Sweden, there is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes called snus; a smokeless powder product consumed via placement behind the upper lip in small packets. The intake of snus is by far more pleasant than any other similar product, as snus can be produced in various flavours including mint, and once applied, can remain in place until its effects occur without the need for smoke, burning, or even spitting.

In comparison to smoke based tobacco products, snus is by far a safer and less harmful alternative, with long term-term population studies conducted in Europe demonstrating that the health risks associated with snus consumption were drastically lower than those associated to the intake of other tobacco products.

This is especially true when paralleled to cigarettes, which due to their smoke based method of consumption, were deemed especially dangerous and far more likely to cause an early death among frequent users. In Sweden, the use of snus is prevalent and has been a large contributor in decreasing this country’s smoking habits, with many Swedish ex-smokers making the change to snus in order to combat their smoke addiction, and heralding snus as a healthier alternative that has also reduced their fear of contracting lung cancer. This public verdict was supported in data collected by the World Health Organisation in 2018, which found that Sweden was in fact the country with the lowest mortality rate in terms of tobacco related disease in all of Europe. To substitute the dangers of tobacco cigarettes for a safer alternative, snus is evidently the right choice; with a better, smokeless method of intake and a lowered health risk, snus is change that may just save a life.

Think About Snus Instead of Tobacco